“String Shed” C-UAS
Type of C-UAS

In June 2022 Patria launched a C-sUAS concept “based on completely new and unique type of effector, which provides its users short-range protection from all types of Class 1 drones.” According to a company press release Patria’s C-sUAS concept is based on a unique and innovative projectile and its effector capsule. “The projectile is optimized to work at a distance of approximately 100 metres from the launcher. The projectile can be optimized for other distances if required, such as for automated launcher systems with target tracking capabilities. When launched, the projectile flies to the defined distance and then activates the effector capsule. When the capsule opens, it spreads a large amount of long strings into the air. This string shred creates an effective stopping cloud. The stopping effect of the string cloud is based on a special type of material that quickly clings to the drone’s propellers and motors. The drone will immediately lose its controllability and fall from the sky.

“Patria’s C-sUAS solution can be used on its own with disposable handheld launchers. The launchers can also be fixed-type and integrated on an armoured vehicle, naval vessel or fixed structures. Patria’s C-sUAS solution can also be used to secure crowded events, military bases, and correctional facilities. Its simple handheld launcher even makes it possible to implement C-sUAS capability at squad or single-user level. The fixed launchers can easily be integrated into a variety of sensor systems (e.g. radars, EO, target tracking). Patria’s C-sUAS can be integrated as part of any existing or future C-sUAS system to provide the last line of counter-UAS defence capability.”

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