Operational Solutions Ltd

Type of C-UAS

In February 2020 Operational Solutions Ltd (OSL) signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Airways New Zealand to jointly develop a counter drone detection system. OSL’s Command and Control/Intelligent fusion software (F.A.C.E) is currently being trialled at Auckland Airport along with Aveillant Gamekeeper holographic radar and AI enabled camera technology. According to a press release from OSL “As the system evolves it will be capable of detecting drones entering airspace that pose potential threats to airport operations, including the ability to identify the nature of the threat. By combining this C-UAS capability with a UTM project, in this case the Airshare system from Airways New Zealand, it will also be possible to facilitate and authorise drone flights to operate safely in the airspace around airports.”


In July 2021 Thales and Operational Solutions Limited (OSL) signed a cooperation agreement to further develop and deliver joint opportunities and solutions in the areas of civil C-UAV and unmanned traffic management (UTM). Under the agreement, Thales will incorporate OSL’s FACE command and control software platform into its civil C-UAV and UTM solutions.

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