Eclipse/NSO Shield
Type of C-UAS
Integrated systems

Detector, ECM.

Eclipse is a cyber counter-drone platform designed to automatically detect, take over and safely land unauthorized commercial drones in a designated zone. Eclipse deploys an autonomous end-to-end cyber solution to detect activity within a designated perimeter, identify the presence of drones, take over control of drones which present a threat, and land them safely.

Eclipse is part of the NSO Shield suite of products. The system offers a threat mitigation capability for dense urban environments, stadiums, critical infrastructure, airports, landmarks, and private enterprises, with smooth integration connecting to existing infrastructure. Eclipse operates automatically according to pre-defined parameters, removing the requirement for real-time decision making. Furthermore, Eclipse is designed not to jam existing communications platforms, with no impact on wireless communications and GPS signals. According to the company it is the only drone defence system that is FCC, CE and CB compliant.

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