Bi-static Spherical View Radar (SVR)
Type of C-UAS

In August 2021 Noology announced full commercial development of its bi-static Spherical View Radar (SVR). SVR is a new counter-drone and UTM surveillance radar that can detect, track, and identify small, stealth, and autonomous drones with sensitivity and accuracy, even in cluttered environments.

Features include:
• True spherical field of view – 360 degrees azimuth and elevation (straight up, straight down, and all the way around) – with no “cone of silence”
• Detection and tracking of small airborne targets with radar cross section (RCS) of 0.001 square meters
• 3D target accuracy of 1 cubic meter, from 3 m to 3 km, day or night, and in all weather
• Low-Slow-Small (LSS) target detection: 1.0 m above ground from 0 km/h up to 500 km/h
• Simultaneous detection and tracking of up to 100 targets with 0.5 m target separation
• Compact form factor, easy to install and safe to operate.

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