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Type of C-UAS

SKYPERION is a highly proven, cost effective, fully integrated, scalable, passive RF Drone Detection System that provides a capability against all known commercial drones as well as hybrid ‘home-builds’. It can be used to protect a wide variety of situations and/or facilities including Prisons, Stadiums/Events, Critical Infrastructure, Airports, VIP protection and Defence. SKYPERION is compliant with UK/US communication and privacy acts, can be constructed to MIL-STD-810F if required and is export cleared.

Designed as a full spectrum multi sensor solution that can provide operators with a timely, high confidence and actionable understanding of drone activity within a defined area, the system comprises two major sub-systems; a mast mounted RF Sensor/Antenna unit and a Control Station. Utilising Edge Computing, the RF Sensor carries out the function of acquiring and digitising RF activity as well as generating the direction of arrival. The Control Station, which runs proprietary licenced software, reports the sensor output through a generic workstation and GUI. Alternatively, the sensor output can be distributed via a mesh network, copper or fibre link and integrated into a remote Command and Control (C2) solution that hosts the SKYPERION software.

As a single sensor, SKYPERION can provide a line of bearing indication; the addition of a second sensor (or more) enables ‘cross-cut’ intercept bearings to provide a more defined threat geolocation. The SKYPERION system can be installed in a ruggedised or lightweight configuration, as a land-based static permanent/semi-permanent installation, a mobile vehicle mounted unit, or as a marinised version with the RF sensor housed in a radome. A body-worn version for dismounted personnel will be introduced later in 2021.

SKYPERION is designed to work independently or it can be integrated with Jammers, Radar and/or Electro-Optical systems to form an enhanced counter drone capability; a COTS integrated RF detection/jammer solution is available (SKYPERION Max).

Intended for 24/365 operations and in all weather conditions, the simple to interpret GUI and autonomous alert system is aimed at the ‘distracted operator’ who is multi-tasking and has no specialist knowledge. SKYPERION can be delivered on a purchased or managed service, permanent or temporary basis.

If purchased, METIS aims to work with the client to ensure that SKYPERION is fully integrated with new and existing systems, processes and procedures. Alternatively, a fully managed service can be provided with METIS offering 24/365 remote or local monitoring.

Support contracts are available which would include periodic software upgrades.

In September 2021 METIS introduced the SKYPERION marine drone detection system, which provides early warning of drone incursions by identifying and locating RF data signals on vessels at sea, anchorage or in port. The system features autonomous detection, alerting tracking and identification; advanced warning of multiple threats with low false alarms; a simple user interface; remote monitoring and integration with an RF jamming module.

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