MARSS Interceptor
Type of C-UAS
Intercept drone

MARSS has created an AI enabled autonomous interceptor that offers an intelligent, cost-effective and low collateral solution to neutralising hostile drones. Fully integrated with NiDAR CUAS, this high-speed craft is capable of defeating category I & II drones head on from up to 5km plus, according to the company.

The Interceptor vehicle features:
• No explosives or jet fuel
• Onboard AI IR video analytics
• High speed interception rates
• Fully automatic vertical launch
The MARSS company website describes the C-UAS interceptor concept of operations:

“Interceptor housed in vertical smart launcher. Connected to NiDAR sensor infrastructure. Operator launches Interceptor via a vertical smart launcher. Interceptor acquires target using onboard AI imaging infrared seeker. Positive identification of targets, Interceptor pursues with dogfight maneuverability, at altitudes exceeding 2km, and high speeds over 80m/s. Interceptor is capable of engaging and neutralizing multiple CAT I and CAT II UAS at high speed using kinetic force.”


In December 2021 MARSS announced a collaboration with Thales for the delivery of system solutions to provide protection of critical infrastructures against multiple threats.

Monaco, UK, Saudi Arabia
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