Indian Institute of Technology

AI-based C-UAS
Type of C-UAS
Electronic Counter Measures (ECM)

Researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras report development of counter drone technology capable of detecting “Rogue drones visually using algorithms powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI): and hacking them to change their flight path or land safely”. The AI powered motion detection algorithms can detect motion even in dark conditions. The research was carried out by a team from IIT’s Department of Aerospace Engineering. The development is targeted for use by law enforcement agencies, security services and armed forces to help secure airspace over critical civilian and military installations. An IIT facebook post said: “A major advantage of this system is that it can be controlled over the internet and can navigate autonomously, by hacking their GPS, follow the target drone and change its flight path or land safely. The programmable nature of the aerial vehicles also opens up the possibility of swarming of drones and hence can intelligently detect and track people, drones, vehicles and other objects.”

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