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HP47 and HP 3962H
Type of C-UAS
Electronic Counter Measures (ECM)

The HP47 "Dronegun" offers a fast and mobile solution against incoming UAVs by stopping the drones in the approach and controlled to land, or by GPS back to the starting point and thus to locate the dronespilot. The HP 47 interferes with the familiar remote control as well as satellite-controlled frequencies. A selection of the frequencies to be interfered with is necessary. LEDs provide information about the active channels as well as the battery status. The system has already been successfully deployed several times and has been able to support many critical deployment structures. The HP 3962 H provides flexible solution against commercial UAVs. A kind of disturbance bell around the jammer prevents the UAVs from entering the affected area; Configurations by directional antennas are readily possible.Through the network integration, a stationary, alarm-based safety lattice can be provided for airports, prisons and government facilities.


The SkyWall Patrol Net-Capture and HP47 handheld-jamming systems have been used together by leading specialist law enforcement across Europe since 2016. OpenWorks and HP has combined forces to show a new track-defeat concept at the NATO Technical Interoperability Exercise, in VreDePeel Airbase in the Netherlands in 2021. The HP47 system is attached to a quick-release mount on the SkyTrack positioner. Operators can position the SkyTrack-HP47 system in a fixed location for a temporary protective scenario, such as a roof top. The system can be operated remotely, with the operator receiving high-quality video of the tracked target and on-command precise jamming. The handheld jammer can be quickly disconnected when required and continue the mission in a handheld operation, while the SkyTrack system continues to provide overwatch.

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