Type of C-UAS

The detection system consists of modules that can be adapted and distributed over a wide range of territories. Ground-based and modular, it covers long-range areas such as airports or industrial plants. The Tracking Units can be also customized to narrow streets and obstructed alleys. The UAV Tracker is a multi-sensor system (Radio Frequency, Camera, Acoustic Technologies). It ensures a high certainty of detection by fusing multiple sensor information. This makes false-alarms by flying birds or aircrafts impossible. Each Unit has a high Range of up to 600m with a predominant directional angle of 120 Degree. This allows to detect small drones from a far distance, even at a point when they cannot be seen or taken notice by security personnel yet. The multi-sensor information enable the distinct identification of each UAV by a unique sensor footprint. This makes it possible, to separate friendly drones from potential harmful rogue ones. It also shows multiple intrusions about the same or even similar drones completing forensic information about the intruder. Among others the unique footprint can help identify the vendor and type of the drone to support security personnel in their daily work. The system collects forensic information about the trajectory and flight of the drone. Video Tracking of the UAV by an industrial-grad and high-resolution camera system ensures safety and security of our customers. 2D and 3D information of UAV and pilot help law-enforcement in apprehending the intruder. The gathering of various forensics about the UAV enables to analyze its potential intention (hobby pilot or actual threat).

Counter Drone System - D-Fend Solutions