Type of C-UAS
Electronic Counter Measures (ECM)

D3T™’s key features are:
• Detects Incoming Drones at standoff distance up to 1 Km
• Prevents Entry of restricted airspace of Drone up to 1000 feet above facility covered and up to 300 meters from fence line
• DSP (Digital Signal Processing) determines type of Flight Control system being used
• Deployment of several electronic counter measures (ECM) based on Threat Level
• SDR Technology allows for upgrade of system as new drone flight control platforms enter market
• Does not interfere radio frequency communication.
• Fiber Based system cannot be jammed.
• Scalable to cover large secure building campuses.
• Can be combined with Guardian Service ™ cellphone control to provide both Drone and Phone (cell phone) protection in any secure facility.

Counter Drone System - D-Fend Solutions