Type of C-UAS
Integrated systems

Detector, ECM.

ASELSAN’s IHTAR anti-drone system aims to neutralize mini and micro UAV threats in urban and rural environments. It is available in various configurations (fixed, deployable etc.) and detects and tracks multiple UAVs with high accuracy using portable radar. It applies jamming against at least remote control (RC) Devices, Radios, GPS receivers, Wi-Fi, ISM Bands, GSM900/1800, 3G and 4G. İHTAR uses the GERGEDAN jammer to create protection against all known mini-UAV/model aircraft attacks with its specially designed attenna patterns creating semi-spherical protection umbrella.

The GERGEDANTM Anti-Drone and RCIED Jammer System is designed to protect military bases, facilities, high value assets, ceremonies, meetings, demonstration areas and checkpoints against drone/min iUAV attacks by jamming the RC frequencies, GPS/GLONASS frequencies, data link frequencies, image forwarding frequencies and RCIED triggering frequencies (if any) of drones/mini-UAVs simultaneously. GERGEDANTM also provides protection against RCIEDs and it is used to protect convoys, VIP vehicles in motion. GERGEDANTM covers the whole RF band and creates protection against all known drone/mini-UAV attacks with its specially designed antenna patterns creating semi-spherical protection umbrella as well as ground threats such as road-side RCIEDs.

İHASAVARTM is a handheld-backpack C-UAS jammer. İHASAVARTM, removes the need for sensor systems to track drones/mini-UAVs and provides a cost-effective solution by giving the ability to security personnel to take down a drone/ mini-UAV at the first sight. The system is powered by rechargeable Li-Ion batteries at least for 1.5 hours of continuous operation.

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