AI C-UAS, Sentry Tower, interceptor drone
Type of C-UAS
Integrated systems

Detector, intercept drone.

Anduril secured its first contract in 2017 to provide perimeter security to US Customs and Border Protection for the US-Mexico border. The company subsequently expanded its Artificial Intelligence (AI) –based technology to support drone detection and mitigation activity. The company’s suite of detection and identification products includes Sentry Tower – a network of optical, microwave and infrared detection systems – and AI-powered Lattice sensor fusion system. Lattice is a software and hardware system which can be used to integrate third party sensors into a single networked platform. It is designed to classify and track any vehicle, person, drone or other threat in a defined area. The counter-drone solution also includes the modular Ghost UAS component, an autonomous single rotor, long-endurance high speed drone. It is operated autonomously from the Lattice web mobile App. Multiple Ghosts can be controlled by one operator to support large-scale operations such as patrolling wide areas.

The US Department of Defense (DoD) in January 2022 awarded an indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract with a maximum ceiling of USD967,599,957 to Anduril Industries to provide counter drone technology and services for Special Operations Command over a 10-year period. Approximately USD1 million is available in 2022. The work will be performed in various locations within and outside the continental US until January 2032.

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