Airspace Systems Inc

Drone security system/Galaxy
Type of C-UAS

The company uses machine vision and deep learning to detect anomalies in the sky and classify rogue drones. Once engaged, the flight system anticipates and reacts to a drone’s every move, in real time. The capture system then safely disables and retrieves drones to limit collateral damage. In December 2018 Airspace Systems introduced Airspace Galaxy™, “the first family of fully-automated, always-on airspace security solutions that accelerate the integration of drones into cities and protects people and property — on the ground and in the air — from clueless, careless or criminal drone operators,” says the company. The Airspace Galaxy security platform combines input from multiple sensors to detect drone activity at long-ranges, instantly identifies authorized and unauthorized flights, assesses risk, and if necessary and permitted, deploys an autonomous mitigation system to safely capture and remove an unauthorized or malicious drone.

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