DroneDeploy predicts rapid growth in latest state of the industry report

According to DroneDeploy’s latest state of industry survey, drones “are poised for rapid scale and growth in 2020 and the decade ahead”. Drone Deploy surveyed 140 customers across 10+ industries to find out how they use drones and the benefits they provide.

According to the survey, “90% of respondents expect to increase or maintain their spend on drones and drone software in 2020. Over half (53%) expect to increase and 37% expect to spend the same amount. Almost a quarter (23.3%) of respondents expect that spend to grow by more than 50%. Only 5% thought it would decline.

When it comes to applications: “Protection against risks of all kinds drives 69% of use cases, including increased safety (29%), risk management (21%), and compliance (19%). Nearly two-thirds of respondents said that they use drones to “improve operations” and “increase productivity”. The top three motivators for investing in drones were desires for increased productivity (68%), improved operations (66%), and reduced cost(56%).

Customers of DroneDeploy noted the top three benefits were innovation (59%), increased efficiency/speed (57%), and cost-effectiveness (50%). Benefits following closely behind were competitive advantage (44%), improved customer relationships (35%), and safety (25%).

DroneDeploy also noted the survey shows the “businesses do not adopt new technology as rapidly as consumers. Companies take deliberate steps to ensure technology is secure, that it will bring quantifiable ROI, and that it will be adopted easily by employees. But consumers aren’t the main opportunity for drone businesses: the CNBC piece reports that the consumer sector will make up just 17% of the drone market in 2020. Rather, the untapped potential for drones lies beyond hardware, hype, and the consumer sector. Businesses, more than ever, are finding value in drone software and in the data generated by the software.”

DroneDeploy conducted the survey in December 2019 via an online survey form to its active customers from a sample of over 145 companies across 10+ industries in English. Respondents are paying members of DroneDeploy’s leading drone data platform.

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