Urban air mobility experts meet to address safety and security needs

Safety and security technologies for Urban Air Mobility (UAM) was the focus of the fourth network meeting of partners and guests from the UAM Ingolstadt Initiative. The July meeting, held at Rohde & Schwarz corporate headquarters in Munich, brought together 150 industry experts, technology developers, scientific researchers and government regulators to discuss the latest developments and future challenges in a series of speeches, panel discussions, break-out sessions and workshops. The UAM Ingolstadt Initiative, as part of the European Commission’s smart cities and communities program, is a network of the city of Ingolstadt together with industry partners, scientific researchers, regulatory bodies and governmental institutions with the goal of promoting electric air mobility for inter-city and city-to-city connections in large and condensed urban areas and future mega-cities. It specifically addresses mobility challenges in fast growing urban environments and promises to provide new means of sustainable transportation for goods and people.

(Image: Rohde & Schwarz)

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