Florida state bill proposes AAM test site and state involvement in industry development

According to the bill:

“The Department of Transportation shall:

(a)  Serve as a resource for local governments and developers and operators of vertical takeoff and landing aircraft and vertiports.

(b)  By December 31, 2024, provide to the Governor, the 145 President of the Senate, and the Speaker of the House of 146 Representatives a report describing all of the following:

  1. The status of the advanced air mobility industry nationwide and of charging and fueling capabilities.
  2. Current and proposed airports where advanced air mobility operations are occurring or will occur.
  3. Advances in aviation technology relating to advanced air mobility.
  4. The status of federal regulations relevant to vertical takeoff and landing aircraft and vertiports, including any updates since the prior year’s report to 14 C.F.R. part 77 or other relevant federal regulations.
  5. Recommendations for ways, including potential statutory changes, to facilitate land use compatibility around vertiports.
  6. Advanced air mobility best practices.
  7. Recommendations for increased Department of Transportation personnel to accommodate necessary inspections of advanced air mobility operations.
  8. Recommendations for ways, including potential statutory changes, to incorporate advanced air mobility in the Department of Transportation’s Strategic Intermodal System.
  9. Ways the Department of Transportation may use, promote, and further advanced air mobility for the public good, including, but not limited to, medical transportation, emergency services, law enforcement, and disaster relief.
  10. The future infrastructure needed to support and 171 further advanced air mobility operations.

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