Rheinmetall Air Defence AG demonstrates new mobile C-sUAS capability

Zürich, 22.2.2021 – As a response to inquiries from civil and military authorities Rheinmetall Air Defence AG has developed a mobile C-sUAS solution based on the armoured vehicle Survivor. Following the company’s dedication to serve those who protect us.

To cover a large international airport from non-cooperative drones at expected distances of up to 18 kilometres you may choose either to operate large quantities of detection sensors or to integrate sensors at forward operating posts on existing infrastructures such as buildings or deploy mobile units when needed. Intense field tests have proven the effectiveness of mobile forward positions, which are fully integrated into ATM and future UTM systems. A substantial increase of the system performance and coverage area is feasible with reasonable budgets and a high flexibility.

The C-sUAS vehicle offers the right characteristics and performance data for the integration of a unique sensor package consisting of radars, passive emitter locators, and electro-optical verification sensors. The great advantage for the operators is the fact that they can fulfil their mission from a highly protected operator position inside the vehicle. The integrated Rheinmetall C-UAS Mission Control System displays a fully recognized air picture.

The mobile C-sUAS system offers an integrated all-in-one solution for the difficult task of monitoring, identifying, and as last resort intercepting current and future mini and micro unmanned aerial systems. It is designed for the use in highly controlled airspaces and under the most stringent peacetime engagement conditions, such as at airports and public events.

The package includes a panoramic phased array search radar that is optimized to detect small targets and an electro-optical sensor to identify and track detected targets. If a target is classified as a threat there is limited time to select non-lethal effectors which are capable to stop non-cooperative drones at significant distances in a fully automatic manner without causing any collateral damage. One of several effector options can be chosen. These can include a catch and carry interceptor or jammers or if required also kinetic effectors. The C-UAS Mission Control System allows efficient data fusion and displays the local air picture to the operators in a protected working environment thus reducing workload and increasing overall system performance. It furthermore allows exchanging data to higher civil UTM/ATM systems.

The mobile C-UAS roof package is easily mounted on current in-service vehicles, such as the Rheinmetall Survivor. Extensive tests at small and major airports have clearly shown that such mobile outposts can be of high benefit to all stakeholders involved. It allows the highest flexibility, provides an increase in range and reduces the response time significantly.

Rheinmetall Air Defence has designed its drone detection system in such a way that it can serve all client’s needs – starting from detection at lower ranges up to substantial ranges by applying different radar types as well as dedicated search and track modes. Our main aim has always been to provide the full local air picture to the ATC controllers or authorities – this is our expertise and DNA without any compromise, because we know that lives may depend on it.


  • Comprehensive mobile all-in-one C-UAS solution
  • Applicable in commercial environment
  • Optimized for use in highly controlled airspace
  • Protected working environment in the vehicle
  • 3D AESA radar with 360° coverage
  • Several effector options (catch and carry UAS, jammer)
  • Rheinmetall C-UAS Mission Control System
  • Easy remote operation possible
  • Effortless integration of further sensors and data links
  • Integration into UTM/ATM systems

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