“US defence department to fund military UTM research at NUAIR” – news report

The Times Telegram news service reports that among the US278 million funding for  the US Air Force Research Lab in Rome, New York,  is US10 million “to further develop a Department of Defense (DoD)/Federal Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management (UTM) testbed and prototype in collaboration with the NY UAS  (NUAIR) Test Site.”

The New York UAS Test Site at Griffiss International Airport in Rome recently completed phase two of the Federal Aviation Administration’s unmanned aircraft traffic management pilot program (UPP).

According to a December NUIAR press release:

“UPP Phase Two (UPP2) showcased capabilities and services that will support safe, high-density unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) or drone operations. The capabilities demonstrated included: remote identification services that will allow observers to identify nearby UAS, detect and avoid technology to prevent collisions, and public safety operations. Virtual collaboration for the effort began in mid-April of this year, with three weeks of live flights and component testing throughout November, pushing the boundaries of unmanned aircraft systems and enhancing Central New York’s leadership in the booming UAS industry.”

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(Image: NUAIR)

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