Dubai Airshow 2021: Kronstadt exhibits automated workstation designed to manage multiple UAVs

According to Tass Media, Russian manufacturer Kronstadt is showing an automated operator workplace (ARM) for managing multiple UAVs during the Dubai Airshow on 14-18 November. The system uses advanced information technologies, including elements of artificial intelligence and augmented reality with 3D terrain mapping.

The automated workplace is not designed to operate the UAVs, but enables the operator to perform supervision tasks.

Kronstadt said: “The main operations related to the control of the flight, the management of systems, the solution of the target task, the interaction between the sides within the UAV group will be performed by a computer using elements of artificial intelligence. This approach will allow Russian drones to move to a new stage of development and become semi-autonomous, rather than automatically controlled.”

General Director of Kronstadt JSC Sergey Bogatikov said: “Now the operator does not have to look for goals in the video stream on his own, the machine will tell him informative elements that are worth paying attention to. And instead of building a flight route with his hands, pointing to each point on the map, he simply puts a search zone, and the UAVs themselves will determine the optimal order for completing the task, taking into account the forces and means of the enemy, terrain conditions and meteorological conditions. At the same time, they also “agree” among themselves on the division of “responsibilities” and priorities in solving the task. This is a new stage in the development of drone management, which will make them more independent,” according to Tass.

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