ANRA integrates Echodyne radar data into SIOP platform to add situational awareness

Uncrewed vehicle mission management and operations company ANRA Technologies has integrated Echodyne’s radar data into its Single Integrated Operating Picture (SIOP) platform. Customers use ANRA’s SIOP application for a single integrated visualization that detects, locates, and tracks cooperative and non-cooperative aircraft, says the press release. ANRA wanted to expand its portfolio of drone detection sensors by adding Echodyne radar, providing their SIOP customers with a situational awareness option that can be used independently or fused with other sensors for a correlated airspace picture for all sizes of aircraft.

ANRA’s platform is designed to provide airspace management for drones, spanning mission planning, strategic deconfliction, tracking, and monitoring. Echodyne is a US designer and manufacturer of commercial radar solutions for advanced air mobility (AAM), offering low-SWaP, metamaterials electronic scanning array (MESA) radars. The companies have previously collaborated, such as early integration with ANRA’s UAS Traffic Management (UTM) platform, DroneUSS, and in the UK with ANRA’s SIAOP project, with broader customer availability now possible through ANRA’s SIOP.

ANRA’s integration of Echodyne’s radar data addresses the technical challenge of detecting non-cooperative aircraft that do not electronically transmit their position. When combined with ANRA’s airspace management capabilities and cooperative surveillance (aircraft that are electronically providing their location), it creates a comprehensive airspace situational awareness solution. On one display, all air traffic is displayed so authorities and operators can make informed decisions regarding safety and security in the volume of airspace proximate to their airport, critical infrastructure, or event.

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