Airwayz Drones “demonstrates multiple and rogue drone management operations at Ashod Port”

UAS traffic managamenet (UTM) specialist Airwayz Drones reports it has successfully executed a proof of concept demonstration at Ashdod Port as a part of 500 Global and PoA Innovation accelerator programme that aims to integrate innovative technologies and sustainable applications into the largest cargo port of Israel. The demonstration showcased Airwayz UTM’s ability to manage multiple fleets of drones, reacting safely and efficiently to three potential scenarios that a bustling port could face.

According to a company press release:

“In the first scenario, multiple autonomous drones connected by Airwayz UTM/USSP ran regular patrols across Ashdod Port whilst intelligent software identified the images in real-time, allowing the port’s operator teams to monitor the site with faster response capabilities as well as complete situational awareness. The port’s security was tested further in the second scenario by autonomously sending two drones to a point of interest. This provided operators with a clear view of the area and allowed a more accurate assessment of the situation.

“During the third test, a rogue drone was brought into the scenario. Using Airwayz UTM/USSP combined with ground sensor technology, the system quickly and easily detected the unregistered drone and autonomously dispatched a system drone to investigate further. Airwayz UTM/USSP efficiently integrates multiple systems and uses its AI-based software to react quickly and avoid all collisions, including even unregistered drones, providing a critical security solution for ports and any other hubs requiring similar security.

Airwayz’ UTM capabilities provide a clear view and complete situational awareness for the port’s operators – Airwayz image

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 (Image: Ashod Port)

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