Airwayz demonstrates integration of UTM/USSP at the Port of Rotterdam

Drone services company Airwayz reports successful demonstration of the integration of its dynamic UTM/USSP Uncrewed Traffic Management/Uncrewed Systems Service Provider (UTM/USSP) system at the port of Rotterdam.  During the demonstration, drones delivered goods to ships. Unmanned aircraft systems offer a multitude of services at ports, with shore-to-ship deliveries by drones revolutionizing the work of boatmen. This advancement streamlines operations and potentially unlocks new services, such as drone deliveries to ships at anchorage. The integration of drones in this ecosystem enables boatmen to transition from conventional ship-based deliveries to drone deliveries, enhancing sustainability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in daily port operations, says the press release.

Airwayz’ AI-based dynamic UTM/USSP is designed to orchestrate multiple fleets of drones in the lower airspace. At the port of Rotterdam Airwayz’ UTM/USSP system has been integrated into its prototype U-Space airspace. The strategic location of the port of Rotterdam near Rotterdam the Hague Airport underscores the importance of integrating UTM/USSP and ATM for safe air traffic management in lower airspace. The lower airspace at the port of Rotterdam has been designated as G-class in the west and C-class in the east due to its proximity to the airport. With the plan to expand the C-class airspace, which entails controlled airspace with air traffic control services managing precise separation and sequencing, the integration of UTM/USSP and ATM within the port is set for expansion in the future.

Multiple drone operators and operating systems performed tasks throughout the demonstration, seamlessly connected and managed by the air traffic management system, using the U3 services. Airwayz UTM/USSP also integrates with AIS information, adding a safety layer by providing vessel data to Air Traffic Management. This integration is designed to enhance aviation safety and operational efficiency by fostering a harmonious environment where drones and aircraft can coexist. Operating under the CTR (Controlled Traffic Region), the initiative of the Port of Rotterdam Authority provides an example for other large European cities with airports nearby.

Since the inception of its U-Space, the Port of Rotterdam Authority has completed a series of drone operation demonstrations at the ports, including managing No Fly Zones and fly-away situations, coordinating simultaneous drone requests with one priority flight, flying over vessels and executing ghost operations in addition to today’s drone delivery display.

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