Aireon “extending space-based ADS-B services to new partners -UAV and eVTOL operators”

Aireon, a provider of space-based automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) services, is bringing its air traffic surveillance data to a wider customer base through the expansion of its product families, according to a company press release. Boosted by a USD50 million equity investment from the existing investor base, Aireon is significantly growing its AireonINSIGHTS, AireonSTREAM, and AireonFLOW product families by creating an aviation data platform that integrates space-based ADS-B and other data sources and enhances the data with advanced machine learning and analytics functionality to support a broader customer base, including airlines, airport operators, system integrators, leasing companies, UAVs, airframe manufacturers, engine manufacturers, financial institutions, and worldwide defense organizations.

According to Don Thoma, Aireon CEO. “Space-based ADS-B has been a game-changer for air navigation service providers by providing a first-ever surveillance capability for remote airspace and a cost-effective enhancement for ground-based surveillance. We’re now creating a platform and tools to bring that high-fidelity data to the broader aviation user community, enabling a whole new set of global applications of space-based ADS-B.”

The next evolution of Aireon’s data services products will focus on the addition of new features designed to meet the challenges of the changing aviation landscape. Aireon customers will get access to new information associated with aircraft safety and operational efficiency. Additionally, new Aireon products will monitor flights in real-time, alerting stakeholders of undesired safety and operational events.

“The next 20 years of aviation will be the most revolutionary time since the introduction of the jet engine. New operational paradigms such as UAVs, urban mobility, commercial space, trajectory-based operations, long-range strategic management, and real-time safety assurance necessitate ubiquitous, high-fidelity data, and Aireon’s products and services will be a key part of that infrastructure,” Thoma said.

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