WATMC 2022: Airbus UTM “to provide Eurocontrol with UTM simulation capabilities”

According to a Linkedin post, Eurocontrol and Airbus UTM have signed a memorandum of understanding for Airbus UTM to provide drone and unmanned traffic management (UTM) modelling and simulation capabilities to Eurocontrol.

According to the post:

“Aligning closely with the goals of Airbus UTM and Acubed, Airbus’ Silicon Valley innovation centre, Eurocontrol aims to create a safer and more efficient airspace, with efforts “focused on medelling, simulation and analysis to accelerate the operationalisation of U-space operations in Europe,” said Eurocontrol’s Laurent Renou, Head of Eurocontrol’s Air Transport Innovation department.”

“When U-space goes into effect in 2023”, Laurent adds, “it’s expected to support SESAR 3 research activities and unlock advanced operational use cases and markets such as beyond visual line of sight operations”.

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