Volatus Infrastructure joins OneSky ‘future of flight’ programme to develop US transport

Designer of eVTOL take off/landing facilities, Volatus Infrastructure has joined OneSky Future of Flight programme. Unified Traffic Management (UTM) company OneSky sees value in providing UTM solutions for all infrastructure layers to promote consistency and safety for all industry players. It believes there is no singular infrastructure that will solve every need for every operator and plans to work with Volatus Infrastructure to support future US transportation.

According to the press release, OneSky and Volatus Infrastructure will work to combine their respective technologies to accelerate the drone industry. Volatus Infrastructure connects communities across the US to the future of transportation by designing, constructing, and maintaining landing pads and charging stations at vertiports.

OneSky provides the technology and expertise to enable dynamic 4D situation awareness and decision support with the OneSky Operations Center. Together the teams will work to advance the Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) industry as it starts to grow.

Volatus Infrastructure offers three main eVTOL infrastructure designs, a vehicle-agnostic charging station, and an app and maintenance programs.

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