“US Government needs to take urgent action on drone rules” – Small UAV Coalition

The US Small UAV Coalition has issued a press release encouraging “the United States government to immediately take action to prevent falling further behind other regions that are aggressively moving ahead with regulations that will enable commercial UAS operations, attracting investment and creating jobs.”

The statement was in response to the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)’s publishing today rules to enable and encourage safe unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) operations in a number of categories, including commercial drone operations.

“The EU’s methodical approach to comprehensive UAS regulations is an example to the world that commercial opportunities, as well as safety and security, can coexist,” said the coalition. “At the outset, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) must publish proposed regulations for remotely identifying UAS, a requirement that is included in the EASA rules. Without this rule, it cannot move ahead with regulations to allow for expanded operations, including operations over people and beyond visual line of sight, that are becoming routine in other parts of the world. The Coalition calls on all US government entities, including national security and law enforcement agencies, to work together so that the FAA can publish its remote identification proposal without further delay.”

The FAA is to launch its notice of proposed rule making on drone ID this September, according to Jay Merkle, Executive Director, UAS Integration Office, FAA, speaking at the Uber Elevate summit in Washington DC.

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