Unisphere updates NOVA operations and weather management platform

Drone services company Unisphere has announced updates to its NOVA Operations platform used by drone operators.

NOVA offers eVTOL and drone operators a platform to manage all aspects of pre-flight planning with best-in-class weather intelligence and automated evaluation for increased flight safety at scale. The platform supports asset management and operational compliance for drone operators.

Among new features, users can analyze up to five locations within a radius of 100 km to determine the best weather conditions for drone operations. This allows an operator to compare several locations and choose the one with the best weather conditions: Up to 5 locations in a single mission; Up to 100 km radius.

The Multi-Location feature in NOVA provides different benefits depending on the use case of the drone services.

For drone delivery operators, it provides a comprehensive view of the delivery network in a given area. This allows the operator to quickly identify weather windows with good operating conditions for all parts of your network – ensuring that customers have clear expectations of when service will be available.

For drone inspection service providers, such as telecom tower inspections, forecasting service availability for multiple locations provides a baseline for planning logistics and travel for the next few days. This ensures that no flight window is missed and that tasks can be completed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The redesigned user interface offers a more intuitive signaling system for assessing weather conditions. With clear indicators for “Go,” “Caution,” and “Do Not Fly,” an operator can quickly gauge the suitability of weather conditions and take decisive action.

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