UK Future Flight 3 project demonstrates advanced sensing technologies aimed at safe autonomous flight

Drone Defence is collaborating with Volant Autonomy, Sky-Drones, Dronecloud and other partners to safe autonomous flight corridors in the Channel Islands, UK. Project ALIAS is sponsored by Innovate UK’s Future Flight 3 competition.

Drone Defence reports a major milestone with a successful capability demonstration with consortium partners in Wiltshire, England. During the demonstration, the partners showcased an array of advanced sensing technologies, including RemoteID, radars, and cameras, integrated into our ground-based detect and avoid physical infrastructure. These state-of-the-art sensors ensure safety and seamless integration of autonomous flights within the designated corridors.

The collaboration aims to revolutionising the way drones navigate the skies by ensuring safe and efficient autonomous drone operations, says Drone Defence. By establishing safe autonomous flight corridors in the Channel Islands, the partners aim to demonstrate the potential of drone technology while fostering a sustainable and secure airspace environment.

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