Uber Elevate and GE Aviation team to enhance safety for next-generation ridesharing

Uber Elevate has selected GE Aviation’s Digital Group as an ecosystem partner for its aerial ridesharing programme. The initial phase of this programme will develop requirements for a flight data monitoring program to support electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) vehicles on the Uber platform.

“This partnership will help expand our digital innovation as the travel industry continues to evolve,” said Andrew Coleman, general manager of GE Aviation’s Digital Group. “We’re able to bring our experience in digital across the travel ecosystem by helping travellers reach their destination safely and efficiently.”

The Uber Elevate team is working toward transforming the world through aerial ridesharing at scale. Initial launch of its Uber Air service is planned for 2023 utilizing electric VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing) aircraft in Dallas and Los Angeles.

Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) is the process of analysing and reviewing routinely recorded flight data. Airlines and operators that adopt Flight Data Monitoring are better able to identify and eliminate potential safety hazards in flight operations. Since its introduction in the airline industry more than 20 years ago, Flight Data Monitoring has been widely credited with reducing incident and accident rates at airlines and aircraft operators where it has been adopted.

GE Aviation’s Flight Data Monitoring programme made this partnership a natural fit for Uber Elevate.

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