uAvionics receives FAA approval to roll-out SkyLine command and control radios at locations in US and Canada

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has authorised uAvionix to test its new skyLink Command and Control (C2) radios on the aviation-protected C-band frequencies and has expanded its plans to deploy the SkyLine enterprise managed C2 Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) network at several new locations in the US and Canada.

SkyLine is a certifiable C2 network purpose-built to support the move to BVLOS operations for UAS and Advanced Air Mobility (AAM). Built on certified and certifiable avionics hardware, SkyLine’s network service layer hosted in the cloud autonomously monitors a network infrastructure of multiple ground and airborne radios to route C2 messages to a designated aircraft.

uAvionix has obtained FAA approval to test its C-band C2 radio design for compliance with RTCA DO-362A and an eventual TSO-C213A at Bigfork, Montana, and NPUASTS.

Utilizing a protected spectrum adds significant legal protections for operators to guard against interference and tampering on the frequency. uAvionix intends to transition all SkyLine infrastructure to C-band to offer operators a secure network to support their mission safety case.

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