Thales ScaleFlyt Platform adds new features to support BVLOS operations

Thales ScaleFlyt has unveiled its latest package available on the ScaleFlyt Platform. Services now available on the Essential package apply to preflight missions, risk assessments, remote identification and tracking for beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) drone operations. Users can access the free ‘Starter’ package which provides access to a limited version of the Essential package for a 30-day period.

ScaleFlyt features include:

  • Flights: The Flight feature combines what was previously a set of Fly and Log tools into a single tool. You can create several flights based on the same flight plan or multiple flights based on sections of a flight plan. The Flight feature saves you time in your drone missions preparation and gives you the ability to create more complex drone operations.
  • Permissions: The Permissions & Group feature gives you the ability to assign management rights within your organisation. This allows you to define specific roles for participants in your organisation.
  • Safety: The creation of safety containment allows you to create specific containment volumes. You gain in security, in precision, and in serenity and this allows you to be fully concentrate on your mission.
  • Remote ID: The ScaleFlyt Platform offers the possibility to integrate a Remote ID tracker on your “Equipment” section. ScaleFlyt Remote ID allows you to safely perform your mission sending the identification and the airspace position in real time.

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