Strategic partnership between ResilienX and American Robotics aims for safer BVLOS operations

Ondas Holdings’ American subsidiary American Robotics has formed a strategic partnership with ResilienX aimed at advancing the safety and reliability of autonomous systems, particularly those deployed for Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) applications, and in intricate operational environments. Through this strategic alliance, American Robotics will integrate ResilienX’s IASMS solution, known as FRAIHMWORK, which is designed to monitor the performance of associated elements for BVLOS ecosystems, and within fully autonomous solutions, including the American Robotics Optimus System. Additionally, American Robotics will begin to resell ResilienX’s software solutions.

ResilienX’s software offers continuous monitoring of complex system-of-systems, to detect and mitigate against adverse or off-nominal conditions, either autonomously or with human intervention. This safety assurance layer equips advanced mobility ecosystems with bolt-on fault tolerance and risk mitigation capabilities, designed to enhance the performance of the American Robotics Optimus System.

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