Skyward introduces a risk assessment tool for its drone management platform

Drone management software company Skyward has introduced a risk assessment tool to help drone programme managers proactively identify and document critical risks to an operation. An addition to the company’s Aviation Management Platform, the application is designed to track and record risk across distributed teams flying dozens of missions according to the Skyward press release. To operate the tool, pilots and managers answer a series of risk questions developed by Skyward’s drone experts and based on aviation best practices using Skyward’s web or mobile apps. Each answer is assigned a risk level: low, moderate, or high. As each question is answered, an overall risk summary score is generated based on the highest level of risk present — without complicated scoring formulas.

In addition, users can add mitigation for any risk level: just add an explanation and adjust the risk level. The mitigated risk will be noted in the summary, and the note is synced across the Skyward software platform.

In summary, Skyward’s risk assessment is designed to help pilots address the fundamentals of risk management before they fly, and it provides managers a record of an organisation’s risk profile.

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