Skypuzzler announces “successful testing of drone separation UTM technology”

Award-winning UTM company Skypuzzler has announced the successful testing of its prototype, “which could transform the drone industry,” said the company.

“The lack of digital air traffic control for drones has been a challenge for the industry, with flights currently restricted to segregated areas or corridors, limiting the growth potential,” said a company press release.  “However, Skypuzzler’s solution has shown that this problem can be effectively addressed. The live test, which involved several drones operating in a clean environment, validated the prototype’s ability to separate drones and avoid obstacles and geo-zones.

“The prototype proved capable of preventing collisions, ensuring that drones can fly safely, even in confined spaces. The software is designed to integrate into Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) solutions as a white-label product, providing a comprehensive UTM that enables drones to fly autonomously without colliding with other drones, airspace users, or obstacles in a “free route airspace for drones”.

This solution unlocks new opportunities for the drone industry, enabling it to grow and expand, according to the company.

“This is a game-changing solution for the drone industry,” said Skypuzzler CEO Jesper Skou. “Our deep-tech software has the potential to revolutionise the drone industry, providing an advanced service as digital air traffic control as a module to UTM systems that ensures safe and efficient drone flights”.

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