SkeyDrone introduces traffic information system to increase airspace situational awareness

Belgian uncrewed traffic management (UTM) company SkyDrone has developed a Traffic Information Service (TIS) available for manned and unmanned aviation.

Traffic information is one of the four mandatory services U-Space Service Providers (USSPs) must provide to drone operators in U-space and is required to allow BVLOS operations to Detect and Avoid (DAA) possible mid-air collisions with either manned or unmanned aviation.

SkyDrone’s TIS service is available is high-density areas including the Port of Antwerp, Brussels terminal area, and all along the Belgian coastline where the demand for drone operations and manned aviation is high.

According to SkeyDrone, the TIS offers traffic information from both manned and unmanned aviation from several reliable sources. In areas where this multi-source traffic data does not guarantee reliable coverage, for example in very low-level (VLL) airspace, a network of meshed ground receivers is added. The information is then fused into one unique air picture offering the most complete and most reliable situational awareness available.

This Traffic Information is visualised and enhanced by the SkeyDrone Monitor software. This software features intrusion detection alerting, conformance monitoring alerting, and loss of separation alerting.

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