SkeyDrone implements drone & aerial activities digital platform to manage special air activities

Belgian Air Navigation Service Provider skeyes and Belgian Defence have announced a new platform to support drone and aerial activities due to be launched in the coming weeks. Developed by SkeyDrone, the Drone & Aerial Activities digital platform is expected to accelerate the approval process for special air activities including survey flights, parachutes, fireworks and other activities taking place within controlled airspace.

Building upon the success of the Drone Service Application implemented in 2021, the Drone & Aerial Activities platform complements Belgium’s lower airspace and traffic management strategy, ensuring the safe integration of both drones and special air activities. Through strategic deconfliction, collisions between uncrewed traffic and special activities within controlled airspace will be mitigated, guaranteeing the safety of all airspace users, says the press release.

Annually, skeyes and Defence receive approximately 1,000 requests for special air activities, managed by a team of four civil and military experts in the Special Activities Coordination Cell. With the introduction of the Drone & Aerial Activities platform, this process will undergo a significant transformation, now featuring streamlined and semi-automated approval processes. The platform is designed to offer a digital workflow, integrated rule engine, automatic altitude conversion, and multi-stakeholder authorization capabilities.

Peggy Devestel, Chief Operating Officer at skeyes, said, “The implementation of the Drone & Aerial Activities platform marks a significant milestone in simplifying the special air activity approval process, benefiting both requesters and approvers by enhancing efficiency.”

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