SkeyDrone Hub updated with new onboarding process, flight planning and alerts

SkeyDrone has announced several major updates to the SkeyDrone Hub, which have been designed to make the platform more user-friendly and functional. The Hub is a central cloud platform for all SkeyDrone applications, including Drone Analytics and Drone Radar for drone detection, Drone Monitor for traffic information services and Fly and Planner for flight authorisation.

The SkeyDrone Hub has a new open platform approach making it accessible to all users who wish to register. Users can also now plan flights directly from the platform. Initially, SkeyDrone will provide support for DronePort Sint-Truiden, with additional locations coming in future updates.

The latest update features a new onboarding process, introducing an intuitive invitation flow where users can register, create organisations, and invite members seamlessly. In addition, organisation owners can now manage member access, streamlining service utilisation within contractual limits. 

To ensure timely and effective communication, SkeyDrone has added SMS notification alerts in addition to email notifications. Users will be prompted to provide their mobile numbers to avoid the need for SMS verification during the setup of UTM or drone detection services.

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