SkeyDrone collaborates to secure Belgian airspace during summer festival season

SkeyDrone has today announced its collaboration with several Belgian police districts, responsible for security at major music festivals. The Police Districts of Rupel, Lokeren and Limburg Capital Region will use SkeyDrone’s drone detection system in an effort to keep the airspace above the festivals in their districts safe.   

Belgium hosts many music festivals during the summer. In recent years, the use of drones has increased significantly, posing potential risks to large public gatherings.

SkeyDrone will provide continuous, real-time monitoring of the airspace around the festival sites, using technology that is designed to detect drones and automatically distinguish between authorised and unauthorised flights. Upon detection of any unauthorised drone activity, SkeyDrone’s system can instantly send alerts. It also locates the drone pilot, enabling the immediate confiscation of illegal drones by the police.

The system covers all critical areas of the festivals, from stages and camping sites to parking and entrance zones.

SkeyDrone has previously deployed its drone detection technology at large music festivals such as Tomorrowland, where 12 illegal drones were confiscated by the local police in 2023.

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