SESAR U-space workshop shares results of UAM projects to identify alignments and discrepancies

Members of the SESAR AURA research project, which aims to identify requirements for U-space information exchange with ATM through SWIM, participated in a workshop concerning Unmanned Aerial Mobility (UAM). The U-space ConOps Coordination Cell workshop led by Eurocontrol presented UAM-related use cases from several SESAR research projects including AURA, CORUS-XUAM and AMULED.

The event provided an opportunity to exchange knowledge between the projects to better understand the alignment and discrepancies between the concepts that describe how stakeholders envisage UAM operations to be managed in the future.

AURA, presented its Business Use Case 2 which covers the key aspects of the use case and the technical details, focussing on the information flow between actors and services.

The AURA project supports the development of Very Low Level (VLL) airspace markets, allowing the introduction of new actors in a safe, harmonized, sustainable and efficient way and compatible with current ATM environment. Also, the project will contribute to avoiding the segregation of the airspace and increase the interoperability. AURA provides inputs for the current regulatory and standardization initiatives regarding U-space with a high involvement of external stakeholders through an Advisory Board.

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