SESAR EUREKA research project to address arrival/departure to/from vertiports

The SESAR EUREKA project is developing the ‘WP6 Vertiport Collaborative Traffic Management solution’, a collaborative traffic management process for vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) vehicles aiming to deliver a positive impact on the future of innovative air mobility.

The objective of EUREKA is to achieve the full integration of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) operations in controlled airspace through dynamic airspace reconfiguration, ensuring Innovative Air Mobility (IAM) becomes a reality via a Common Information Service Platform (CISP).

Within this framework, the specific WP6 solution scenario will develop a Vertiport Collaborative Traffic Management (VCTM) concept based on 2 elements: a vertiport management service and an aerial corridor management service. Reliable key information regarding traffic will be shared via a single platform accessible by all actors (U-space service providers, ATM and vertiports). This shared situational awareness will ensure full coordination and safe operations for all stakeholders.

The main WP6 solution objectives include:

Applying Airport Operations Plan (AOP) concepts to support operations management at vertiports.
Introducing the Vertiport Collaborative Decision Making (V-CDM) concept.
Using this concept for dynamic airspace management and integration with the current infrastructure (airport environment).
Promoting key information exchange between Vertiport stakeholders to improve situational awareness.
The solution, led by AENA, will be validated as of December 2024 through VTOL cargo operation flights between the Mallorca and Minorca Islands (Spain).

According to the project leaders, what makes this solution unique in the EUREKA project landscape is that, though the corridors are located in uncontrolled airspace, part of the validation activity for this solution will be performed in controlled airspace, both vertiports being located in active airports.

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