SESAR EALU-AER project to establish Ireland’s first digital sky demonstrator in Shannon

Between July and September 2023, EALU-AER is executing the first out of four demonstration activities, comprising five different use cases. The use cases fall within the first of four phases of integration of world-class U-Space technology solutions.

The first demonstration is part of the technical activities carried out by EALU-AER. The overall aim of this SESAR 3 project is to demonstrate a U-space infrastructure, backed by industry standards technology and/or solutions with a higher level of integration among various stakeholders, within a U-space ecosystem and increased levels of automation in the various processes in place. Consequently, the project will establish Ireland’s first Digital Sky Demonstrator, located at Future Mobility Campus vertiport site, in Shannon, Ireland.

To achieve these goals, EALU-AER focuses on achieving four objectives:

  1. U-space architecture: developing a technical U-Space integrated infrastructure solution for the implementation of Urban Air Mobility (UAM);
  2. Demos: demonstrating and validating five use cases;
  3. Public acceptance: evaluating the public’s perception of UAM and defining competency profiles of the future workforce;
  4. Coordination and harmonisation: ensuring consistency, integration, and consolidation of regulations and standards at a pan-European level.

In order to reach these key objectives, the project is engaging in a series of demonstration activities of Urban Air Mobility that capture the operational requirements, vehicle dynamics, and technology demonstrations associated with the projected near-term UAM services market, such as local inspection, light-freight, and long-distance logistics, hence spanning short to long range distances.

EALU-AER first demonstration

The first use case mission is a beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) validation. It aims to demonstrate and explore the automated coordination with the Air Traffic Control (ATC) when planning, approving and conducting drone flights in and/or around Controlled Airspace (CAS). This demonstration facilitates the project’s first phase, which focuses on performing a VLOS flight in order to validate U-Space Service Provider (USSP) based platform functionality and securely monitor flights from the operations centre over ARINC Ground Network (AGN).  This fosters proving the feasibility, reliability and operational efficiency of transport services provided by various eVTOL (electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing) aircraft for a variety of use cases and applications, as well as testing and optimising the use of Urban Air Mobility.

This demonstration will see the involvement of Future Mobility Campus Ireland and partners Collins Aerospace, AirNav Ireland, and the Shannon Airport Group.

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