SESAR AURA project presents results of ATM/U-space interface research in virtual open day

SESAR Pj34-W3 AURA project members are hosting a virtual Open Day on 28 February 2023. Solution 1 will be presented by Indra, focused on ATM and U-space operating safely through SWIM middleware. Indra will present progress and achievements during work conducted during Cluster 1 in collaboration with Airbus and Frequentis.

The focus of solution 1 united over four different clusters to define the ATM/U-space interface by identifying the necessary data exchanges between ATM and U-Space systems, defining the necessary information to be shared. A common set of services has been validated in every cluster through several use cases, in order to guarantee the interoperability between the information exchanges.

Real-time simulations and Live-Virtual experiments have been developed involving actual drone flights with manned simulated traffic and controllers in the loop.

Different partners participated in each cluster, enabling research into different key points💡regarding ATM-U-space collaboration covering a broad variety of ATC systems and practices across Europe.

Register to hear Cluster 1 results here.

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