Sagetech announces integration of Echoflight radar to support BVLOS operations

Sagetech Avionics has announced a successful integration with Echodyne’s EchoFlight radar for aircraft seeking type certification/airworthiness with BVLOS CONOPS.

According to a Sagetech company press release:

“Sagetech has taken a systematic approach vs. component only in developing a robust solution that will meet the needs for BVLOS within the UAM, AAM and UAS markets. Collaborating on an ACAS X-based DAA system with Echodyne around customer requirements will create a faster, more reliable, and certifiable solution.

“The DAA/ACAS integration with radar tests included multiple flights to gather data and validate the technology needed for future BVLOS missions, in which they primarily focused on non-cooperative sensor integration and performance. The flight tests consisted of multiple close encounter scenarios to exhaustively test the performance of the DAA system. Sagetech’s DAA system used the Echodyne EchoFlight radar to detect and track non-cooperative aircraft (aircraft without ADS-B out or a transponder).  The system also integrated with Sagetech’s TSO certified MXS Transponder to receive cooperative ADS-B traffic, an Autopilot to get ownship information, and an onboard datalink to communicate with the ground control station (GCS). Data gathered was shared with the TCAS Program Office for validating the models used to create the ACAS collision avoidance algorithms. The data will also be used to verify that using a radar like the EchoFlight provides enough time to send an alert down to the GCS to avoid a midair collision with a non-cooperative aircraft like a crop duster.”

“Sagetech will continue to evolve the ACAS X-based DAA system; adding more sensor options to detect non-cooperative intruders and integrate with more common autopilots for issuing autonomous collision avoidance maneuvers in the case of a lost link. Sagetech’s DAA System will be the most advanced, low- SWAP, and certifiable onboard DAA system for crewed and uncrewed aircraft. Sagetech’s DAA computer is at the center of their innovation hub that will enable OEMs all over the world to plug and play for optimum safety and visibility for BVLOS flight.”

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