Röhm fire service turns to Droniq to help secure authorisation to expand drone services

The company fire service of Röhm commissioned drone services company Droniq help in their application for an operational authorisation in the specific category to be able to use drones at two of its sites in Germany, Worms and Weiterstadt. This authorisation has now been received.

In addition to using drones for fire and plant protection, the company will use drones to support maintenance and repair work.

By deploying industrial drones, Röhm’s company fire service is broadening its range of operations. In addition to site reconnaissance as part of firefighting operations, the drones will also be used to document construction projects. Other applications include inspecting roofs and pipelines, flying over chimneys and industrial flare stacks as well as conducting georeferenced surveys. Röhm will be using a DJI M30T for these applications, which weighs just under four kilograms.

In the specific category, drone operators must apply for an operational authorisation. In Germany, whether you obtain the operational authorisation from the German Federal Aviation Office (LBA) or from the respective aeronautical authority of the Federal State depends on the respective Federal State. Operators must provide several items of documentation including a comprehensive concept of operations and a risk assessment of the planned drone mission. The assessment covers issues such as the airspace conditions, the flight altitude, the surroundings and the potential risks for people on the ground. Droniq coordinated the entire application process for Röhm, working in close consultation with the company fire service as the drone operator to compile all the necessary documentation.

The authorisation is valid for the entire site of the Röhm locations in Worms and Weiterstadt. Initially, it only allows drone flights to be carried out within the pilot’s visual line of sight (VLOS). Alongside the introduction of authorised drone operations, Röhm and Droniq are working on an application for the authorisation to fly beyond the visual line of sight of the remote pilot (BVLOS).

(Image: Röhm)

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