Qascom and UAV Navigation collaborate on national satellite message security OSMNAplus project

Italian GNSS authentication company Qascom is leading the OSNMAplus project which aims to develop services and technologies making use of some of the services provided by the European Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Galileo. Consortium member and Spanish unmanned aerial systems (UAS) navigation company UAV Navigation and Qascom are focusing on the use of OSNMA and I/NAV improvements.

The OSMNA service is a data authentication function for the Galileo Open Service worldwide users, freely accessible to all. OSNMA provides receivers with the assurance that the received Galileo navigation message is coming from the system itself and has not been modified. The I/NAV improvements are part of a recently released update of the Galileo Interface Control Document, aiming at optimizing the navigation performance of Galileo even further.

“With the OSNMAplus project, we’re providing technological solutions that will facilitate the adoption of OSNMA in new and existing navigation systems. We’re also providing cloud-based services and multiplatform SDK that can be used in consumer devices to improve the OSNMA experience and increase the robustness of the navigation solution.” Carlo Sarto OSNMAplus Project Manager.

As GNSS-based navigation is becoming more and more important in our daily lives, so is resilience to the events that influence degradation, availability, and integrity of the navigation solution (e.g., jamming, spoofing, and other threats).

“The OSNMAplus technologies will be subject to an extensive test campaign. The OSNMA-based navigation will be tested in a flying drone to assess effective resilience against potential malicious GNSS interference.” Carlo Sarto OSNMAplus Project Manager.

The experience acquired by UAV Navigation throughout the past 17 years provides a privileged view on the UAS sector, which proves very useful during the initial phases of the project for the analysis and identification of the main needs and technological challenges faced in the UAS market. Additionally, as an authorized operator by AESA (Spanish Aviation Safety Agency), UAV Navigation has the flight experience and the qualified personnel to carry out the necessary air operations for the validation and demonstration of the OSNMA+ receiver. The aim of the European consortium is to help worldwide Galileo users whose operations rely on navigation data.

UAV Navigation works every day to develop innovative technology that helps the global community to create a better, more efficient, safe, and sustainable world.

The OSNMAplus project was founded by European Union / EUSPA (under the grant “Enhanced GNSS receiver/user terminal GSA/GRANT/03/2019). The content of this publication reflects only the author’s view; and EUSPA is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information it contains. The OSNMAplus consortium comprises QASCOM (as prime contractor), Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and UAV Navigation (as subcontractors).

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