ParaZero’s AI-driven SmartAir Trinity offers ‘real-time malfunction’ detection

ParaZero Technologies, provider of drone safety systems for commercial drones and urban air mobility aircraft, has released an AI-driven avionics system, SmartAir Trinity.  The technology is designed to provide real-time malfunction detection and critical mission analytics to support operational security for defense drones.

SmartAir Trinity, launched in early September this year, is an AI-based avionics system that uses a sensor array and delivers analytics for post-mission debriefings, says the company.

ParaZero’s CEO, Boaz Shetzer, stated: “Our latest AI avionics system is the culmination of relentless innovation and a deep commitment to operational safety. This technology is not just about responding to emergencies; it’s about foreseeing them, preparing for them, and ultimately safeguarding our defense personnel and assets.”

“Our recently announced collaboration with Maris-Tech Ltd., and building upon a year of operational excellence with Easy Aerial in defense and homeland security applications, ParaZero’s SmartAir Trinity is set to become the new cornerstone of drone safety in high-stakes environments.”

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