Pakistan issues new rules on UAS registration

The Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan has issued new rules on the registration of uncrewed aerial systems (UAS). 

The Civil Unmanned Aircraft Rules, 2024 make registration mandatory with current UAS owners needing to apply for registration within 180 days. Those who acquire their UAS after the new regulations are in place will have 15 days to apply for registration. Applications must mention intended use.

Each registered UAS will be assigned a unique code. This registration number, the identity of the owner and other particulars of every registered UAS will be entered into a register maintained by the Civil Aviation Authority.

Individuals may not register more than three UAS per year. Registrations must be renewed after three years.

The new rules also state that the Civil Aviation Authority will ensure that an appropriate track and trace system is installed in every registered UAS weighing more than 250g. Owners of these drones will need the Authority’s remote pilot licence. 

Non-compliance with the new rules will result in financial penalties.

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Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan

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