Eurosatory 2024: Safran launches GNSS signal takeover Skyjacker counter-UAS system

Safran Electronics & Defense has announced the launch of its Skyjacker anti-drone solution.

“Skyjacker’s strength lies in its unique decoy capability: it alters the trajectory of a drone to neutralize the threat it represents by simulating the GNSS signals ensuring guidance towards its target,” according to a company press release. “Coupled with a radar detection and optronic identification capability, it makes it possible to effectively deal with swarms of drones, in a land or naval environment.

“Skyjacker replaces the signals emitted by navigation satellites with modified signals, intended to deceive the drone about its position in order to disrupt or interrupt its mission. This system is particularly suitable for countering saturating attacks (swarming drones for example). Skyjacker can also counter isolated drones controlled remotely by an operator and can achieve an effect over distances between 1 and 10 km.

“Modular in design, Skyjacker integrates a “ Command and Control ” system allowing control of the entire device, as well as one or more decoy transmitters. It can be coupled to numerous sensors such as optronic sights, radio frequency detectors, radars, but also to other effectors such as communication jammers or a laser. Skyjacker can be offered in a mobile version or be coupled to surveillance and fire control systems already in place on surface vehicles or vessels.

“For a first deployable version of Skyjacker, Safran Electronics & Defense teamed up with Hologarde which designed Bassalt for the Air and Space Force (AAE) for the protection of major events (Olympic Games of Paris, G7, July 14 parade).In this context, Safran Electronics & Defense and Hologarde demonstrated the effectiveness of Skyjacker during the Coubertin LAD II exercise, which took place last March under the aegis of the Air Defense and Air Operations Command at Vélizy-Villacoublay Air Base 107.

“ We are now working on the deployment of Skyjacker as part of the anti-drone protection system which will ensure the protection of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games,” explained Alexandre Ziegler, director of the Global Defense Business Unit at Safran Electronics & Defense. “ Moreover, tests carried out on French Navy vessels have also proven to be particularly conclusive and confirm the interest of Skyjacker in protecting first-rate vessels effectively and at a controlled cost.”

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