New York’s 50-mile drone corridor creates two new positions to expand BVLOS test operations

The Northeast UAS Airspace Integration Research (NUAIR) alliance has established two new positions to facilitate rapid business growth and advancement of New York’s 50-Mile Drone Corridor. NUAIR welcomes John Gustafson as its director of corridor operations and Melinda Marion as its director of business development.

According to the NUAIR press release, the unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) or drone industry continues to flourish in Central New York as more companies realize the economic value of commercial drone operations. John and Melinda will help keep NUAIR at the forefront of the industry and enable NUAIR to help more companies integrate drones into their daily operations.

NUAIR continues to advance the technologies and capabilities of New York’s 50-Mile Drone Corridor, including the integration of 5G and cross-communication technologies needed for safe, commercial drone operations. NUAIR’s expertise coupled with their Alliance of partners continue to advance the UAS industry and the addition of John and Melinda will help expedite the reality of routine commercial drone operations.

John Gustafson started his career in manned aviation as a flight instructor. For the last eleven years his involvement in the UAS industry has touched on many different verticals and has created and led various UAS integration programs. The safe integration of UAS into the national airspace has been a key focus for John, and as NUAIR’s director of corridor operations he will focus on operationalizing New York’s 50-Mile Drone Corridor.

Melinda Marion has been in the aviation and UAS industries for over 20 years, supporting the development, funding, and deployment of emerging technologies. She was previously the director of business development and flight support for MUASC and continues to serve as a technical commercial representative to Michigan’s UAS Taskforce. As the director of business development, Melinda will focus on strategic company objectives to keep NUAIR at the forefront of UAS and advanced air mobility (AAM) development and integration.

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