New York test site secures USD1.6 million to develop contingency management platform

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has awarded a USD1.6 million contract to a team led by CAL Analytics development of a single, integrated contingency management platform (CMP) for unmanned aircraft integration at the New York (NY) Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Test Site. CAL Analytics is heading up a team of five commercial companies who will collaborate with NUAIR and Oneida County to integrate and test their CMP technology to address specific safety and risk mitigation concerns for operating UAS in the national airspace at the test site.

Cyber-physical systems-of-systems, like UTM, rely on a multitude of data from various sources to make decisions, often with real-world safety implications. The CMP will offer important protection protocols and situational awareness, alerting operators of faults, failures, and severe weather to help ensure the safe flight of all unmanned aircraft.

CAL Analytics will lead system integration which combines:

  • Monitoring and mitigation software from ResilienX, of Syracuse, NY;
  • Cybersecurity software provided by Assured Information Security (AIS) of Rome, NY;
  • Situational awareness display systems from Kongsberg Geospatial of Ottawa, ON; and
  • Micro-weather services from TruWeather, also of Syracuse, NY.

Validation testing will be managed by NUAIR who manages operations at the Oneida County-owned New York UAS Test Site at Griffiss International Airport in Rome, NY, one of several FAA-designated UAS test sites in the United States. The team will also leverage the state’s 50-mile UAS Corridor installed with radars and advanced technologies to facilitate advanced drone operations.

Andrew Carter, President and CTO of ResilienX said, “Performance Authorizations, identified in v2 of the FAA’s UTM CONOPS will lead to scalable, routine commercial drone operations, a goal of the UAS corridor in New York. ResilienX is providing safety assurance though health monitoring and fault mitigation software to maintain a safe level of performance through encountered faults, failures or adverse conditions, enabling these complex ecosystems.”

TruWeather Solutions will deploy its dynamic platform that collects and presents real-time, predictive micro-weather analytics and insights. TruWeather CEO, Don Berchoff said: “The CMP will monitor our scalable and agile TruFlite alert service to notify UTM providers and operators of emerging adverse conditions to alert specific drone types to take evasive action. The power of the service is other drones, not similarly impacted by the conditions, can continue flying.”

Kongsberg Geospatial will deploy IRIS UxS, a real-time airspace visualization system for beyond visual line-of-sight (BVLOS) mission management that allows a single operator to manage multiple aircraft. The system combines real-time data from a variety of sensors to create a real-time picture of the airspace where UAS are being operated.

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